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About us-Satulinna, Kotka

A two-story private villa with a beautiful view of the river, in a quiet area in Sutela. The wonderfully maintained yard park and the well-maintained, atmospheric house will take your heart away.


Everything is here for a peaceful and comfortable life close to nature. If you want a bit of luxury, you will find a sunny glass terrace in the yard where you can spend your time or celebrate with friends while enjoying the warmth of the outdoor fireplace.

The jacuzzi offers wonderful views of the river. On the beach there is a wood-heated sauna, a barbecue canopy and a granite ring for an open fire. You can sunbathe or fish from your own pier, because Kymijoki is a popular place for salmon fishing. Even the Tsar of Russia, who came here for fishing and recreation, knew this. The area of the plot is 4500 m2, the area of the house is 150 m2.

Accommodation conditions

The villa is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Check-in at 16:00, check-out at 13:00. We ask that you take care of the hotel's property and follow the fire safety rules. When you leave the villa, turn off the taps, lights and other electrical appliances. The parking space is free of charge, the rental of the parking space does not include surveillance services. The guests of the villa are aware and accept that a video surveillance system is used in the area surrounding the hotel. The villa is not responsible for the operation of the city's electricity network (power outages).



Signing out


The cancellation of a reservation

If the reservation is canceled less than 14 days before the arrival date or if the customer does not arrive, the advance payment will not be refunded.


Smoking in the cabin, smoking is only allowed in specially marked places.

Bringing skis and snowboards to the cabin premises.

Accommodating friends and acquaintances without management's consent.

Storing easily flammable items (fireworks) at the cabin.

Throwing hygiene products, food scraps and food waste down the drain.

Bringing other substances and goods dangerous to life and health into the cabin area and storing them in the room.

Moving furniture to other places or outside the room.

Violation of generally accepted rules of conduct, the client must observe silence from 11:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. (except New Year).

Loud commotion or carrying out activities at night can cause disturbance among the neighbors.

Pets are not allowed in the rooms.

Making a campfire in places that are not meant for it.

Terms and Conditions

Accommodation and the services offered by the villa are paid in cash or by bank transfer according to the valid price list. Accommodation and additional services are paid in euros. To guarantee a hotel room reservation, an advance payment of 100% of the price of the entire stay is charged. If the reservation is canceled less than 14 days before the arrival date or if the customer does not arrive, the advance payment will not be refunded. When booking, the customer provides their personal information and social security number and fills out the rental agreement. The villa's management reserves the right to refuse to provide services to customers who do not present ID or refuse to pay. Towels are changed and wet cleaning is done at the customer's request and for a fee ​​– 150 euros. General cleaning and linen change 300 euros.


During their stay, customers are responsible for the correct and safe use of kitchen appliances, the cleanliness of the dishes, the storage methods of ready-made meals, etc. It is forbidden to prepare food over an open fire and put in strong-smelling food. Throwing leftover food and food waste into the sewer is prohibited. If material damage is caused to the villa due to negligent behavior or negligence of its customers and/or visitors, a document in the prescribed format will be drawn up. In addition to direct damage, the customer compensates voluntarily or through the courts for losses caused by downtime of the villa due to repairs, replacement of furniture, etc. (for example after water damage). We immediately notify the owner of forgotten items in the villa, if his contact information is known.

Forgotten items are stored for 30 days. The customer immediately reports lost items to the hotel reception. If the customer has not presented his demands to the hotel before the end of his stay, it is considered that his belongings have not been lost or damaged. If the customer repeatedly violates the internal rules of the villa, which leads to material damage or causes inconvenience to the neighbors, the villa has the right to refuse to accommodate the customer or to terminate the contract (eviction from the villa). The key to the villa will be left at the designated place on the day of departure. You can get more information about hotel services by phone.

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About us

Briefly about Valeria:

I am an entrepreneur and I have my own restaurant in the city of Helsinki. I live with my husband in Helsinki and also here in Kotka.

I bought this house about 15 years ago and immediately updated this property to suit today's needs. This house is important for me, the soul rests here, when there is silence nearby and the river flows. I want each of you to have a part of this experience. You can remember for a long time that you have been here. I want to share this feeling with you.

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