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Accommodation for 7 people. The cottage has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Our customers have a comfortable kitchen equipped with all modern machines and kitchen utensils. It should be noted that food freshly prepared from local organic ingredients is very tasty and healthy. Our cabin's spacious and high-quality rooms, illuminated with pleasant soft light, are equipped with the comfort and needs of the guests in mind. The environmental friendliness of natural materials guarantees healthy conditions for customers. The interior uses a lot of high-quality wood, which is pleasant to touch and. The cozy fireplace fills the living room with warmth and an incredibly fine aroma. The area next to the cottage on the river bank has its own pontoon pier and barbecue places and the equipment needed for grilling. Apart from the pleasant murmur of the fast flowing river and the soothing song of the forest birds, no one will disturb your privacy and peace.

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